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Root Canal Treatment During Pregnancy In Gurgaon


Many pregnant women wonder if it is safe to have Dental Treatment, especially Root Canal Treatment, during Pregnancy. There is a misconception that Dental Procedures should be avoided during this time, but it is important to dispel this myth.At Mahavirai Dental and Medical Care Gurgaon, we understand that pregnancy can be a stressful time and If you are pregnant and in need of root canal therapy, we assure you to keep you as comfortable and safe as possible.

Why Root Canals Are Necessary During Pregnancy?

Pregnant women may have dental problems that need immediate attention, such as tooth or gums that can be very painful. When such issues arise, your dentist may recommend a root canal to prevent serious infection from spreading to the affected tooth. While the thought of dental treatment during pregnancy can cause anxiety, it’s important to address these issues early to avoid complications for you and your baby.

Understanding the Root Canal Procedure:

The root canal treatment has several steps:

  1. Drilling a hole in the affected tooth to remove infected or inflamed tissue.
  2. Cleaning the canal and filling it with biocompatible material.
  3. Permanent Restoration of RCT treated tooth.

Safety of Root Canals for Pregnant Women

Safety of Root Canals for Pregnant Women

At Mahavirai Dental and Medical Care, Gurgaon we have a very high treatment success rate. We want to assure you that the vast majority of our root canal patients are thrilled with their procedures and their overall experience with our team. Despite any negative connotations that may exist, a successful root canal not only relieve pain and prevent future complications but also help patients preserve their natural teeth as well.

Addressing Dental X-Ray Concerns:

Before your root canal, your endodontist may take X-ray of your teeth to assess the extent of the infection. While many expectant mothers prefer to avoid X-rays, it is important to note that they can be done safely. The American Pregnancy Association advises pregnant women to avoid unnecessary X-rays, and in our clinic, we minimise their use as much as possible. When necessary, we use modern security measures to protect you and your baby.

Timing of Your Root Canal:

Most dental procedures, including root canals, can be prescribed during pregnancy. however, it is recommended that “ELECTIVE” dental appointments be made in the second trimester (14 to 20 weeks) if possible. This allows for safer treatment because the first trimester is a period of rapid growth. However, if you experience pain or swelling, you may need immediate care no matter what month it is, as the risk of untreated infection outweighs the minimal risk of root canal treatment.

Anaesthesia and Pain Medication:

Research shows that general anaesthesia is safe in pregnancy. It targets specific areas without spreading to your entire body. Moreover, the prescribing medications for postoperative discomfort follows current safety standards for antibiotics and analgesics.

Tips for Dental Care during Pregnancy:

Consider these tips to maintain good dental health during pregnancy.

– Eating a balanced, sugar-free diet

– Brush your teeth twice a day using a soft toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste

– Floss daily

– Stick to a regular schedule of dental exams and cleanings, and let your dentist know about the pregnancy

Where to get Root Canal Treatment done during pregnancy?

If you are pregnant and experiencing toothache or problems, do not hesitate to contact Mahavirai Dental and Medical Care, Gurgaon. Our experienced team of dentists and endodontists is dedicated to your comfort and safety, using advanced techniques and providing the highest level of care to ensure you receive the treatment you need promptly. Remember that preventing dental problems during pregnancy is important to prevent pain and complications and for the well-being of you and your unborn child.

If you are pregnant and experiencing tooth pain, don’t hesitate to reach out – we will work with you to get you out of pain as quickly as possible. We can be found on:

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Dr Shipra Jain


Dr. Shipra Jain

 Dr. Shipra Jain is the Head of Mahavirai Dental and Medical Care in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. She has over 12 years of experience in the profession and has acquired a remarkable reputation for her exceptional talents and passion to providing top-quality dental care to her patients

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