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Ensuring a Child’s Dental Health from an early age is important for their overall well-being. At Mahavirai Dental and Medical Care on Sohna Road, in Gurgaon, we understand the importance of preventive care to maintain their smile bright and beautiful.

1. Start Early: Start caring for the mouth even before baby teeth start to appear. You can gently clean the gums with a soft washcloth or baby toothbrush. At Mahavirai Dental and Medical Care, on Sohna Road in Gurgaon we provide expert preventive care to promote healthy dental habits from the beginning.

2. Promoting Healthy Eating: Encourage a balanced diet for your child by limiting starchy and sugary foods. Opt for healthy food instead of cookies or candy. Limit to have juice or sweet drinks during meals, as frequent consumption throughout the day increases your risk of tooth decay.

3. Choose a friendly dentist: Choosing a Dentist who is approachable to ensure your child’s comfort is important. A welcoming dentist ensures that your child voluntarily attends an appointment with no obligation.

4. Regular Dental Visits: Schedule appointments with the dentist every six month or as recommended by the dentist. It’s important to spot oral health issues like gum disease, cavities or oral problems early before they become painful or threaten your child’s oral health. These visits also make your child familiar to their paediatric dentist.

5. Remind them to brush for 2 minutes: Emphasize the importance of regular and thorough brushing. Encourage your child to brush for at least two minutes in the morning and before bed.

6. Lead by Example: As a parent, set a good example by practising good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing daily. Make dental care a bonding and fun family activity. Praise your child for their efforts to inspire and reinforce good oral hygiene habits. When you incorporate oral wellness into your daily routine, emphasize its importance

7. Define Good Brushing Habits: Teach your child effective brushing and flossing techniques. Supervise them until they can handle it on their own. Use books, dental models and educational materials to teach children the importance of dental health.

8. Sealant and Fluoride Treatment: Consider preventive measures such as pit and fissure sealants and fluoride treatment to protect your child from cavities. Sealers act like a barrier which provide additional protection by sealing the inside of the outer teeth, preventing the spread of bacteria. Fluoride treatment strengthens tooth enamel, preventing decay.

For the first signs of tooth decay, you can also look for a non-contaminant Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) Treatment that will support strong, healthy teeth.

Teaching your child proper oral care from an early age is an investment that will pay off for a lifetime. Lead by example and show them that you make your dental health a priority by visiting the dentist regularly.


At Mahavirai Dental and Medical Care on Sohna Road in Gurgaon, we recognize that proper Dental Care is important for your child’s well-being. Follow these expert tips to keep your child’s teeth strong and healthy. Make an appointment at Mahavirai Dental and Medical Care, 11B, Ground Floor, Vipul Trade Center, Dhani, Sector 48, Gurugram, Haryana 122018 for advice and counselling tailored to your child’s dental needs.

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Dr Shipra Jain


Dr. Shipra Jain

 Dr. Shipra Jain is the Head of Mahavirai Dental and Medical Care in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. She has over 12 years of experience in the profession and has acquired a remarkable reputation for her exceptional talents and passion to providing top-quality dental care to her patients

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