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Can Dental Implants be Removed?


Contrary to popular belief, a dental implant isn’t just an artificial tooth; it’s a titanium screw delicately inserted into the gums. This screw serves as the foundation for restorations like crowns, bridges, and dentures, rekindling both aesthetics and function. Embracing patients with missing or damaged teeth, dental implants play a crucial role in safeguarding jaw health.

Can Dental Implants Be Removed?

While dental implant complications are rare, they aren’t impossible. most of the Implant placement is successful, well tolerated and long lasting when the procedure is performed by a skilled oral surgeon. The triumph of implantation hinges on factors like positioning and the overall health of the patient’s bone.

Instances That Call for Dental Implant Removal:

1. To change the position: Instances of misaligned implants require removal to restore proper bite alignment. This correctional procedure is known as revision implant surgery, effectively realigning implants that have gone astray.
2. Early failure of dental Implant: This typically occurs soon after the procedure, usually due to infection or adverse reactions.
3. Late failure of dental Implant: Late-stage failures emerge a year or more after implantation, often attributed to infection, compromised bone tissue, decay, or trauma.

Underlying Causes of Dental Implant Failure:
1. Infection
2. Compromised Bone Health
3. Decay or Damage
4. Integration Issues
5. Implant Fractures
6. Trauma
7. Surgical Skill Factors
8. Neglected Oral Hygiene

How Are Dental Implants Removed?

Removing dental implants can be approached in various ways, each tailored to the specific case. During your initial consultation, our specialist will carefully assess your situation, review your dental history, conduct any necessary imaging, and discuss your options extensively. The choice of removal method depends on factors like the case’s complexity, such as tissue damage or infection. In some cases, the procedure may occur in stages and involve additional treatments to restore oral health.

Can a Dental Implant Be Replaced After Removal?

In most cases, damaged or failed implants can be replaced with a new one, sometimes in a single step. However, patients with compromised bone structure, active infections, tissue decay, or other issues may need prior treatment and complete healing before receiving a new implant. Some individuals might require procedures like bone grafting or more extensive preparations to support a new implant.

Preventing Dental Implant Removal:

Maintaining oral hygiene is crucial in preventing complications. While implants don’t require specialized cleaning, it’s the patient’s responsibility to practice good oral care, including daily brushing, antibacterial mouthwash use, and regular flossing. Routine dental check-ups are also essential for early detection of any emerging issues.

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